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Instructions of How to Carve a Pumpkin

1.    Select the pumpkin carving pattern you want to use from

2.    Print out your selected pattern. Take the carving pattern with you when you go shopping for pumpkins to get the shape and size that best fits your design.

3.    Before you carve your pumpkin, get your work area ready. Putting down newspaper or paper towels where you'll be carving, will make your cleanup a whole lot easier. Be sure to have a trash bag nearby to put the pumpkin's insides into. If you want to save the pumpkin seeds to roast later, have a bowl ready for them as well.

4.    Clean the outside of the pumpkin with a wet paper towel to remove any dirt.

5.    Use a marker to draw a circle around the top of the pumpkin for the lid.  Make sure the lid you're cutting is big enough to fit your hands through, so you can clean out the pumpkin. When cutting the lid, angle your knife inward at about a 45 degree angle; so the lid has a ledge to sit on and doesn't fall through the opening.

6.    Remove the lid and scrape away any pulp hanging from it. Scoop out the seeds and strings inside the pumpkin with a spoon or ice cream scooper. Next scrape the walls of the pumpkin with your spoon or scooper wherever you're going to be carving your design, until they're about an inch thick. Scrape the bottom of the pumpkin flat, so your candle or light won't fall over.

7.    Cut off any unused paper around the edge of your printed design, leaving just enough room for tape. Tape your design to your pumpkin.

8.    Push a nail or pumpkin poker into the pumpkin along the design, creating small, close together holes. The purpose of the holes is to make it easier to cut through the pumpkin once you start carving. Once you have put holes along the design, take your carving knife and using light pressure in a sawing motion, cut from the center of each design towards the edge. To remove the cut pieces from the pumpkin, push them out from the inside.

9.    Once you've finished carving your design; if you're going to be using a candle, cut a small hole or chimney onto the pumpkin's lid, so the smoke can exit through it. If using a candle, do not leave the candle burning unattended. For most people it is safer to use a flashlight or battery operated candles instead.

10.    Children helping with pumpkin carving should be closely supervised by an adult.
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